Friday, 17 November 2017

8ELA-We were very busy today.  We did our Ginormous Spelling Test (units 5-8), we finished Book Talks, I collected the index cards of the first sentence of our stories, and we had reading class.  NO HOMEWORK.

8SS-We corrected Egyptian Government and Society.  NO HOMEWORK.

7SS-I collect the Europe-Africa projects then we had Weekly Update.  We also started our next continent project.  HOMEWORK:  ASIA-AUSTRALIA PROJECT DUE MONDAY.

Report Cards out on Monday.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

8ELA-We did Booktalks today--its' always fun to see what others are reading.  It also gives us ideas for what to read next.  We also prepared for our fiction assignment.  HOMEWORK:  GINORMOUS SPELLING TEST TOMORROW.  SENTENCE #1 DUE TOMORROW.

8SS-We used this class for Boooktalks.  We'll catch up.  NO HOMEWORK.

7SS-We worked on our Europe-Africa projects.  HOMEWORK:  PROJECTS DUE TOMORROW.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

8ELA-I collected the Term One Reading Assessment from yesterday.  We started working on a fiction writing assignment today.  Our focus is to imitate the style of great writers.  We're studying the techniques of Riordan, Crichton, and Rowling to name a few.  HOMEWORK:  SPELLING REVIEW UNIT AND ADJECTIVES P. 165, 166, 169, 168 FROM MONDAY DUE TOMORROW.  CHARACTER AND SETTING WEBS DUE TOMORROW.

8SS-This was a work class for the reading and questions on Egyptian government and society which we started yesterday.  HOMEWORK:  EGYPTIAN GOV'T & SOCIETY Q 1-7 DUE TOMORROW.

7SS-I collected the Americas project.  Today we started a similar project but focussing on Europe and Africa.  NO HOMEWORK.

Tomorrow the teachers play the students in a volleyball showdown in the gym at 1:00.  
Bring $1 or a tin for the bin at Holy Cross parish and you don't have to wear uniform for the day.

Monday, 6 November 2017

I was away on Friday so every class had a little bit of catch-up to do.

8ELA-We did Spelling unit 8; the focus was the tricky ei/ie concept.  We also corrected "All Summer in a Day" but need to use a bit of tomorrow's class to finish.  NO HOMEWORK.

8SS-We reviewed the definition of "technology" and how it applies to both ancient and modern day tools.  We read about Egyptian farming.  NO HOMEWORK.

7SS-We had a special map activity in the gym today--it was a nice break from the classroom.  HOMEWORK:  WEEKLY UPDATES WHICH WERE DUE THIS PAST FRIDAY.

Early Dismissal tomorrow at 2:00 for staff meeting.

Early Dismissal Friday at 11:30 after our Remembrance Day service.  
Teachers will be using this time to make report cards.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

8ELA-We used our classes today for Book Talks.  This is where students present a novel to the class and give a short presentation on the book.  It is an oral version of the letters contained in the Reading Journal.  HOMEWORK:  SPELLING TEST UNIT 7 TOMORROW.

8SS-Classes today were used for Book Talks.  NO HOMEWORK.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

8B ELA-We read a story today and started working on the questions that went with it.  HOMEWORK:  SPELLING DUE TOMORROW.

8M ELA-We started reading the same story as 8B but our class was cut short due to a special science presentation.  HOMEWORK:  SPELLING DUE TOMORROW.

8SS-I collected Pink Questions and checked Egypt maps.  8B got through the correcting but 8M did not--we'll do that tomorrow.  HOMEWORK:  EGYPT MAP QUIZ TOMORROW.


We had an irregular day today due to Halloween but it was fun.

Mass tomorrow at 1:30.

Friday, 27 October 2017

8ELA-We did our unit 6 Spelling test and I collected the non-fiction paragraphs and Reading Journals.  We read a story and worked on the related assignment.  HOMEWORK:  "OPERATION SURVIVAL" BY CICELY VEIGHY Q 1-7 DUE MONDAY.

8SS-We started our Egypt unit by considering how the natural environment affects our everyday lifestyle.  We then considered all the things we know or think we know about Egypt and thought about how the Egyptian environment affected their lifestyle.  We read a little from our textbook and learned about a study strategy we call the "Who's Who" chart and "Date Chart".  NO HOMEWORK.

7SS-I collected WEDAY reflections the atlases.  We did Weekly Update and learned about the news.


Halloween is next week on Tuesday.  Costumes are welcome but there are guidelines for them; students have been advised and posters have been hung with these rules.  

A Halloween Dance Party is planned for Tuesday afternoon.  
Bring $1 to buy a treat from the canteen.